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Disability Inclusive Disaster Preparedness in NSW

The Centre for Disability Resarch and Policy has developed the video below in partnership with the University of Sydney’s Centre for Disability Research and Policy and School of Geosciences, and is funded under the 2014 joint State/Commonwealth Natural Disaster Resilience Scheme.


Community Sector Development

The Resilience & Preparedness Group aims to supports people working with the vulnerable through Community Sector Development.

Community Sector Development includes programs like:

  • Planning for Emergencies, workshops for children’s services and community sector organisations to review or develop emergency plans; developed by Australian Red Cross in consultation with children’s services (partners in Stronger Families Alliance) and RFS.

Participants were interviewed before and after a workshop.  See what brought community sector reps to Planning for Emergencies and what they thought afterwards about how they benefitted by attending.

Before the workshop:

After the workshop:

  • Upskilling Volunteers, workshops developed by Mountains Community Resource Network and Red Cross (in consultation with local services) to support volunteers working with visiting vulnerable and at risk residents.

The forums and workshops are designed for active participation. In the lead up to initial roll-out of More Than A Fire Plan forums, volunteers from Red Cross and RFS visited local community groups, highlighting joint key messages and promoting the forums. Heads Up For Fire depends on identifying and training local street-level leadership to take the preparedness message into their street and local area.

Dates and details for all Upcoming Emergency Preparedness Activities for the Community Services Sector
will be advertised on this page as they are scheduled.