Mental Health & Wellbeing Interagency

 About the Group

MCRN provides leadership in resourcing and convening the Mental Health & Wellbeing Interagency.  The group’s membership includes representatives from local neighbourhood centres, mental health services, youth and children’s services, Aboriginal and generalist health services, private practitioners/counsellors, Blue Mountains City Council, NSW Police, NSW Department of Education and NSW Health.


The Mental Health & Wellbeing Interagency has an advocacy focus based on a position that people with Mental Health Issues should be supported from a Human Rights and community-based perspective, with a focus on prevention and early intervention, and (where possible) a NON-Medical Model of treatment, and post-treatment support based on approaches such as ‘Open Dialogue’. This model of person-centred recovery is not necessarily a therapy style in itself, but is complementary to therapeutic approaches such as:

  • Dialectic Behaviour Therapy
  • Trauma-Informed Therapy
  • Narrative Therapy, etc.


Mental Health & Wellbeing Interagency members play an important role in advocacy, raising public awareness, and building bridges and networks within the treatment and support systems for example:

  • Carers Professionals: (such as Mental Health Units, Katoomba and Penrith; Drug and Alcohol; headspace; private practitioners; Community Mental Health Teams, Katoomba and Springwood)
  • The broader support and service system (including GPs; NBM PHN; Mental Health Networking Forum; Aftercare; UCMH; etc) 


The Mental Health & Wellbeing Interagency meets several times per year.


For more information about the Mental Health & Wellbeing Interagency and how to join, contact Kris Newton on 02 4759 3599 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..