Key Resources for Services to Help Prepare for an Emergency and for Emergency Recovery

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Jolie Willis Videos - Supporting the Supporters in Recovery

Jolie Wills has spent two years leading the psychosocial earthquake recovery programmes for the New Zealand Red Cross recovery team in Canterbury.  Jolie is a cognitive psychologist whose background has been working in community development in a range of sectors including the disability sector, community-based mental health and the older person's sector.

Jolie is currently working as the Psychosocial Knowledge Sharing and Research Advisor for New Zealand Red Cross, and spoke to both the Blue Mountains Community Interagency (BMCI) and the Wellbeing Sub-committee on 26th May 2015 to share her learnings and strategies about practice based upon people-focused recovery, and her research into the important task of Supporting the Supporters in recovery.

Watch the following 7 videos to hear what she had to say.

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