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MCRN releases the new Blue Mountains Community Services Directory

30 Jun 2016

MCRN is pleased to release a new Blue Mountains Community Services Directory.  The Directory includes close to 400 listings for local, state and national organisations which provide services to the Blue Mountains community and/or to community organisations within the Blue Mountains area. 

Listings in the Directory are categorised under a comprehensive range of service types from 'Aboriginal & TSI' to 'Youth' and feature 33 'Helpline/Hotline' numbers and contact details for all the Blue Mountains 'Community/Neighbourhood Centres' up front for quick and easy access.  The Directory also includes contact numbers for a range of government organisations, counselling services, emergency relief, health (including 'after hours' numbers), as well as resources and peak bodies relevant to the community services sector, and more!

The previous Blue Mountains Community Services Directory was produced in 2011.  The 2016 Directory was compiled with assistance in 2015 from students from Break Thru Penrith who called all the numbers from the previous Directory and made updates as appropriate.  MCRN has subsequently verified all information where possible through online checks and input from MCRN Members including staff from the Blue Mountains City Council.

The Blue Mountains Community Service Directory is now publicly available online through this website.  Community organisations are encouraged to make the Directory available to staff, volunteers and community members to assist in contacting services that are available to our community.  The Directory can be printed out and is a 2-page A3 document.

MCRN will now start on producing the Blue Mountains Community Services Referral Guide.  While the Directory just lists name and phone number/s, the Referral Guide will include email addresses, website links, a description of services available and operating hours, where available.  The Referral Guide will only be provided to MCRN Members and is intended to assist local organisations in making appropriate referrals.

directoryView/download the llatest most up-to-date version of the Blue Mountains Community Services Directory

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