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Hardwood Public Innovators Lab coming to Sydney

Apr 26-28, 2016

The Harwood Public Innovators Lab is a 2.5-day experience to help you and your organisation learn what it means to turn outward – to use the community, not your conference room, as your reference point for choices and action. Become trained public innovators – the change agents that make things happen in communities – and walk away with an action plan and tools you can use starting the day you get home.

All Lab alumni receive:

 -  Access to more than 2,000 public innovators worldwide through our Public Innovators Listserv
-  Three months of weekly tools, real world case studies, and tips on using what you’ve learned plus our monthly newsletter and Rich Harwood’s “Redeeming Hope” blog
-  A Public Innovator Toolkit print ready for you to use with your staff and partners
-  A library of videos featuring Rich Harwood that you can use to spread what it means to Turn Outward

For more information:

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ABOUT US:      Our Vision     What We Do      MCRN Staff      MCRN Board      How to Join      MCRN News