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'Turning Outward' - The Hardwood Institute Approach for Blue Mountains Communities

Mar 17, 2016

Many community service organisations in the Blue Mountains are/will be using the Turning Outward approach developed by the Hardwood Institute for Public Innovation to consult with our community.

Turning Outward means using the community, not the meeting room, as the main reference point for decisions on the basis that if you turn outward and make more intentional judgements and choices in creating change, you will produce greater impact and relevance in your community.

The Hardwood Institute promise is:

Each of us has the power within us to choose a path of possibility and hope. Where we work to change the negative conditions in communities and society that often hold us back – and create new conditions that propel us forward. Where we are part of something bigger than ourselves. By working together, we can make hope real for people and communities.

The video below describes the work of the Hardwood Institute and what they are about in a way that makes it easy to share and digest. 

Watch the video below and share! 


Learn more about the Turning Outward approach.

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