Key Resources for Services to Help Prepare for an Emergency and for Emergency Recovery

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Emergency Recovery - Resources for the Sector

The 2019-2020 Australian Bushfires: From Temporary Evacuation to Longer-Term Displacement, iDMC, Sep 2020

Emerging Minds Community Trauma Toolkit, 2019 - contains resources to help and support adults and children before, during, and after a disaster or traumatic event. It will help you understand some of the impacts of disaster and how you can help lessen these impacts.

Red Cross Blue Mountains Recovery Program Evaluation, Final Report, 2016
Lessons Learned in Recovery - 2013 Blue Mountains Bushfires
Vulnerability & Resilience in the BMs - Community Connections Report, 2015
Psychosocial Model for Recovery - BM Bushfire Recovery, 2014
Capacity, Connection, Support: Blue Mountains & Bells LIne Recovery - Red Cross Resources
Tasmanian Bushfires January 2013 - Programs for Recovery
Community Development in Recovery from Disaster - Emergency Management Australia
Community Recovery from Bushfires October 2013 Blue Mountains/Lithgow LGAs - Ministry for Police & Emergency Services
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