Photo of Kookaburra courtesy of Jackie Delaney

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Trek for Timor BM raises over $70,000!

- 5 September 2018

Thanks to all the Blue Mountains community workers who walked, volunteered and donated for Trek for Timor – we have raised an amazing amount of over $70,000 to date plus a lot of social capital!

Although numbers of teams were down to only 36, the efforts to fundraise were very inventive.

A group of families ‘Mountain Kids’ ended up with 4 teams and ran a lemonade stall to promote their efforts – together they raised $3,590 by the end.

BL tutus on the clifftopsMountains lesbian bushwalkers, ‘Bush Lemons’ offered to walk in rainbow tutus if their $5,000 target was met befor the trek & have ended top fundraisers with over$6,000.

This event is run every two years and funds Hatobuilico Senior High school including teacher’s salaries, women’s leadership & business projects, scholarships and many infrastructure projects. We are also putting a new roof on a primary school, devastated by fierce winds early this year. The Blue Mountains are hugely well regarded in our friendship partner Hatobuilico.

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