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Referral Guide - BM Community Services now available for MCRN Members!

8 Aug 2016

referral guide coverThe Referral Guide for Blue Mountains Community Services is now available for MCRN Members to download! 

As the Referral Guide is only available to MCRN Members, you will need to log in before downloading it. If you have forgotten your log in details, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

View/download the latest most up-to-date version of the Referral Guide.

The Referral Guide has been developed to assist MCRN Members in making appropriate referrals for clients and includes contact details, a service outline, business hours, and, where available, specific referral contacts, for over 300 services which are available to members of the Blue Mountains community and/or to community organisations.

The Referral Guide provides three ways to locate a particular service:

  1. Contents by Service Type comprises more than 40 Service Types sorted alphabetically from 'Aboriginal & TSI' to 'Youth'.

  2. Full Contents is also sorted alphabetically by Service Type, but also includes all the organisations listed under each of the Service Types.

  3. Index, at the back of the Referral Guide, is sorted alphabetically and provides page numbers where specific organisations or services are listed within the Referral Guide. Many organisations provide services across multiple Service Types, so the Index is an effective tool for locating all references to a particular organisation or for locating all references to other key words, eg, “dementia”.

In total, the Referral Guide comprises 270 pages but is set up to be printed as a double sided A5 booklet which when printed will comprise a total of 68 A4 sheets.   See Referral Guide Printing Instructions.

For the most effective navigation, we encourage you to download and save the Referral Guide to your computer.  The Contents by Service Type and the Full Contents are hyperlinked to provide quick access to individual pages within the Referral Guide and all the pages include links to Contents by Service Type, Full Contents and the Index.

The Referral Guide was produced by the Mountains Community Resource Network (MCRN) with assistance from students from Break Thru People Solutions Penrith, MCRN Member Organisations and the Blue Mountains City Council.

The Referral Guide will be updated as new information comes to hand, so please check back periodically to the MCRN website to ensure you have the latest version.

Updates can be sent anytime to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Referral Guide complements the Blue Mountains Community Services Directory, 2016 which is a publicly available document containing just the names of organisations and phone numbers for all the services also listed in the Referral Guide. 

The Blue Mountains Community Services Directory is set up to be printed on 2 x A3 sheets.

directoryView/download the latest most up-to-date version of the Blue Mountains Community Services Directory

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